Our Infant Room provides a safe and loving environment here at Children’s Imagination Station. Parents are provided with a daily report as every nap, diaper change, and feeding is documented. We want you to see firsthand what went on during your little one’s day. Other special moments and milestones will also be documented. Parent’s Choice Advantage formula is provided and nursing mothers are always welcome at the center to feed their little one throughout the day. Babies will listen to a variety of music, stories and rhymes to help build early language skills and play with age appropriate toys while developing social skills with other babies. Your baby will enjoy exploring the outdoors with buggy rides and playing in the outdoor play area.

Infants: 4 weeks – 8 Months

Our Waddler Room is for older, more mobile babies. Your Waddler will thrive with an established routine and develop confidence while learning creative play through toys, music and stories. With the help of our Teachers, your little one will continue to grow their social skills, learn through sensory play and enjoy the outdoors with buggy rides and our fenced in play area. Parents are provided with a daily report as nap times, diaper changes, meal times, attitudes, special moments and development is documented.

Waddlers: 8 months-16 months

Our Go-Getter Room will help toddlers flourish while enjoying creative play which encourages visual, verbal, emotional and physical development. Go-Getters will experience age appropriate centers, learn shape, color, and number recognition while growing their vocabulary. Listening skills, social development and overall growth will be fueled by artwork, activities, songs and outdoor play. With guidance from parents, potty training will be promoted. Parents are provided with a daily report as nap times, diaper changes, meal times, attitudes and development is documented.

Go Getters Classroom: 16 Months – 2 years

Our Busy Bee Room continues to encourage cognitive, emotional and physical development. Busy Bees are learning social skills and exploring through age appropriate centers and circle time activities. Teachers will start to focus more on potty training with help from parents and focus more on a daily routine. Outdoor play and free time in the Multi-Purpose room will allow for gross motor opportunities. A verbal daily report will be given to parents about their child’s day.   

Busy Bee Classroom: 2-3 years

Our Explorers will participate in group activities which increases their social and problem-solving skills. Explorers are transitioning from an individual learner to a social participant to prepare them for Preschool. Circle time, name recognition, age appropriate centers and early reading skills are part of their daily schedule. Teachers will encourage active play. The Explorers get to burn off all their energy by utilizing our large playground area and Multi-Purpose room.

Explorers Classroom: 3-4 years

Our Inventors are in a structured Preschool-like setting. Their environment is filled with letters, numbers, colors, shapes and other age appropriate curriculum to encourage development and prepare them for Preschool or Transitional Kindergarten. Inventors will develop security and a feeling of success as well as self-expression, self-control, creativity and responsibility. Forming friendships as well as extending and enriching their understanding of the world around them is encouraged by their Teachers. Outdoor play and free time in the Multi-Purpose room will allow for gross motor opportunities

Inventors Classroom: 4-5 years

Our School Agers participate in group activities which consist of dramatic play, problem solving, and decision making. Children can work on homework during the school year or enjoy recreational play with their peers. School Agers play outdoors in our large playground area and when staffing allows a short walk to Kids Kastle at Washington Park. A more structured day is offered with the potential for field trips during the summer.

Multi-Purpose Classroom: Kindergarten-12 years